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Oxbidz Web Trader is the most renowned and widely used trading platform, which allows users to trade in the forex, CFDs and futures markets. Apart from providing you with a vast range of tools that will help you analyze the price and place and manage your trades, our trading platform also allows for developing and employing of automated trading techniques. It is so stable and easy to work with, resulting in its immense popularity.

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Trade Anywhere even on Mobile

If you are a player in the market, it is very important that you stay updated about every activity. With innovation comes convenience and in the case of trading, this convenience has come with the innovative idea of mobile trading. Our Web Trader lets you trade and also send you notifications about any activity in the market that you would like to know.

Oxbidz provides you on the go trading facilities even on mobile anywhere and anytime!

Real Time Strategies

EUR/USD Put Support 1.0936/1.0967 Resistance 1.0903/1.0880
USD/JPY Call Support 107.95/108.15 Resistance 107.55/107.40
AUD/USD Put Support 0.6715/0.6690 Resistance 0.6737/0.6752
GBP/USD Call Support 0.6768/0.6805 Resistance 0.6748/0.6737
XAU/USD Put Support 1512.1/1517.3 Resistance 1501.7/1494.1

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